Monday, April 21, 2014

Zebra Harem Bomber Jacket

This jacket was inspired by the stylish version of Sophie at Cirque Du Bebe's bomber jacket. After seeing Sophie's gorgeous version of the bomber I thought I'd better sew myself one.

The fabric is from the Fabric Store in Fitzroy.  I don't shop there often because it's on the other side of town  but worth the trip as the shop has some really nice fabrics. This fabric is a print with lots of little zebras.  I'm not sure of the composition exactly but it's a medium weight woven with a little bit of elastane in it.  I only bought 1 meter thinking that I would make a little skirt but as usual it was folded away and forgotten about until I started thinking about the bomber. I thought it would pretty funky in a bomber.

The pattern is from Burdastyle Magazine Feb 2013. They call it a "blouson jacket" which sounds more posh than a bomber.  The pattern requires exactly 1 meter of fabric so it's perfect for any off cuts you might have. It's also lined so I bought a satin lining in a gold colour to add a bit of glamour to my zebra's.

When I first looked at the pattern I thought this will be quick and easy but it was probably a little bit more involved than I thought when it came to the lining. Not that it was difficult but definitely hard to understand the directions in the magazine so if you don't have a lot of experience following patterns or sewing it might prove to be challenging.

I chose a metal open end zip as I think this adds a bit more style than just the plastic zips.

I'm really happy with this jacket and I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of it now it's cooling off here in Melbourne. Easy to slip on over a tee with some jeans or even dress it up with a nice dress underneath.

Recommend the pattern but for intermediate sewers.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dragonfly Fantasia

Finally I am back to my sewing after a long hiatus. After the enormous amount of sewing I did for the School fete I needed a break. I had developed a really bad back from sitting at the sewing machine for hours on end and basically couldn't even look at my sewing machine without my back starting to moan.

For the past few weeks I have been tidying up my fabrics and perusing fashion mags which ignited a little spark that I had left somewhere.

We went to my in laws for a weekend so I packed up the sewing bag with some fabric from Tessuti and a pattern that looked fairly easy. I thought I would gently ease my way back into it.

The fabric is a gorgeous Italian digital printed ponti knit called "Dragonfly Fantasia" and the Pattern is Butterick 5559. The Pattern is a close fitting pullover dress with front and back darts and outside stitched tucks. The tucks conceal the darts and have beautiful sweeping lines meeting at the side seams. 

Once I laid the fabric out and started cutting I was away again, thoroughly enjoying the creative process.

A few things about the pattern. Make sure you thread trace all lines. Even though it is labelled as an easy pattern to sew (which it is) you must be very careful in tracing all of the lines. It took me at least an hour to do this but it was well worth it in the end and I have to say I actually enjoy thread tracing. I get a lot of satisfaction out of having perfect lines.

The fabric required size 90 stretch needles as I found out from a lot of frustrating attempts on scrap fabric. If you don't sew with stretch needles on ponti fabric you will most likely get skipped stitches. I tried ball point first as this is what I have used in the past but they didn't work this time. I think because this fabric has elastane in it. Just make sure you test on scrap fabric first.

The tucks are very easy to sew just make sure you tack first and not just rely on pinning. If you tack its very easy to keep nice straight even lines of sewing. If you just pin the fabric will most likely move while you are sewing resulting in uneven tucks.

I had to shave off about 1 cm from under the arm as the armhole was sitting to high under my armpit. I find this with a lot of patterns. Does anyone else seem to have this problem or do I just have low armpits?

The dress is very short. I am a petite 157cm and only turned up the hem about 2cm. If you were any taller I would suggest adding more hem allowance.

Once the tucks were sewn and lined up almost perfectly the dress was basically done. Just the side seams and hem and it was ready to wear.

The photo's were taken over the weekend at our friends "tree house" near Flinders beach. They have the most beautiful holiday house set in amongst a forest of pine trees making it the perfect setting for my dragonfly fantasia to debut.

This is a close up of the fabric which has dragonfly's, strange fairy creatures and flowers which border the hem.

I highly recommend the pattern and the fabric.
Butterick 5559

Monday, October 28, 2013

St Kilda Primary School Fete

Our School St Kilda Primary held its Fete on Sunday and what an amazing day it was. We have a number of celebrity parents and some very dedicated parents which make it one of the best fetes around.
There was Rockwiz for kids hosted by Brian Nankervis. A comedy room with acts from Rhys Muldoon, Bev Killik, Colin Lane and Greg Fleet. A talent show "So you think you can do stuff" and Live music including Joe Camilleri. Rides, Beauty Parlour, Art & Craft, Dunking Machine, Show Bags, Yummy food, the list goes on.
I was part of the Craft Mama stall and want to share some pics from the day.
Thankyou to all the ladies especially Annie Stanford for helping with sewing, cutting, ironing and sharing a cuppa with me.
 Felted and knitted animals made by Saffron and Carolyn
 Dolls and Owls
 Dolls now named "Annie dolls" . Made by Annie S and Annie M
These were made using a free pattern from Seventy Piggies
 Enjoying a cuppa before the show starts
 Beautiful Lavender Bags
 Annie & Annie
 Gorgeous knitted dolls by Annie S
A happy customer

It was such a fantastic day and the kids had a ball. I have to say I am exhausted and am looking forward to putting my feet up for a while!
annie x

Thanks to Tone for the photography